About me - Melinda Klátyik felder

About me - Melinda Klátyik felder

Curriculum vitae

Melinda Klátyik felder

Growing up I learned many kinds of handicrafts, but in the end I found my own voice in felting. It allows you to play with colors and to create unlimited , new, diverse forms. The wool and the silk I am working with is also painted by myself. My designs are mostly organic, inspired by nature. With my hats, the goal is to make them an everyday wear again

My original profession was also a craft occupation, I was a book restorer for 20 years.

When I found felting, specifically the technique of combining silk and wool, I was suddenly charged with tremendous energies, it’s beauty electrified me, soon it became my new vocation.

My mentor was Anna Vidák. During my learning period, I made different kinds of items, like carpets, clothes, toys, caps and dolls with this traditional technique and material, then settled on making women’s clothing and accessories.

In addition to the classical designs, I am experimenting with novel shapes, some of them feminine, cheerful, or simply exciting, sometimes even sporty.

I participated in exhibitions both in Hungary and abroad. You can find my products mainly at craft fairs.

All of my fabrications are certified by the Department of Fine and Applied Arts’ Jury (Magyar Kézműves Szövetség).

Workshop - Melinda Klátyik felder
Workshop - Melinda Klátyik felder

As for the materials of my hats I use merio-wool, silk and silk fiber, but I often “recycle” as well.

My style can be classic, romantic or extravagant. In my opinion it is the latter where I can really shine.

How to shop

You just choose a design, and the colors, and I make it for you. Simple as that. It is important to remember, that my fabricaions are custom made and unique, I can not guarantee exaclty identical ones.

My favorite felt hats

The process of making a felted hat

I attach the wool to the pattern one ’brush’ at a time. After pressing and condesing the fabric for a long time, I adjust and make the final hat-shape.

klatyik-melinda-nemez-hat-making-01 Pattern design
klatyik-melinda-nemez-hat making-02 Basic colors
klatyik-melinda-nemez-hat making-03 First base layers
klatyik-melinda-nemez-hat making-04 Inverting, shaping
klatyik-melinda-nemez-hat making-05 The finished hat

Felt my works on models

My stoles

My stoles are made by combining light silk and merino wool.

My point of sale and my group photos